It’s safe to say that most people in Chicago were not happy to hear that it would be the coldest day in decades today. That’s to be expected. -15 before windchill is no joke.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to wake up before dawn, grab my camera, and head out to the lake. I know that sounds crazy, but I grew up in a place where it was considered “freezing” if it dipped into the 30′s (and that rarely happened). I’ve been in Chicago for three years now, but until today I had ever experienced weather this cold. And yes, it was cold. Two layers of pants, thick socks, four sweaters, a down jacket, hat, gloves. I was only out for an hour and wanted to get photos of my BucketFeet – which by the way, with good socks, are not bad shoes in this temperature.

The point is, I saw a positive opportunity in a situation most people see as a negative one. This weather is deadly and disruptive and I think about all the people that suffer because they have no other option but to be on the street or in houses with no heat. It’s also awe-inspiring and beautiful. I try to live my life as one where no matter where you are, there’s something to learn, somewhere to explore. I wish I got out of the house and did what I did this morning more often.